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Our Impact
Why does Latina Voice Matters?

Latina Voice empowers Latinas and all marginalized women  to tell their stories in sharing the all too common, dismissal of women voices in various platforms and environments. We are a movement working in helping to create social change through research, education and community supports so, that all women from all backgrounds and identities are nurtured, empowered and accepted to achieve their true, full potential.


Latinas today are shaping our world by coming forward to be visible and demanding to be noticed in the workplace, in academia and in their professions by demonstrating skills, knowledge and leadership.   Latina Voice works to help marginalized women learn and accept their "true, authentic self"— whether being an immigrant, first generation or someone with diverse cultures to become liberated in their space — to be recognized, feel as they belong and be accepted. To be your authentic self- we break through the barriers, the trauma, and the layers of our identities in gaining true representation and equal access in all spheres. Through our narratives, we share experiences that sets forth awareness, we instill hope in highlighting those already breaking barriers and we support, to help those achieve their goals or an optimal quality of life. Confronting intersectionality, building dialogue and creating change, is your— Latina Voice!     


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