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The Power of Storytelling 

We are here to tell stories by amplifying voices that share the all too common, dismissal of women voices  in inequitable spaces. We aim to bring awareness, education and resources through storytelling.  One of the reason our diverse commutnities continue to be strong and resilient is due to the stories passed from generation to the next that keeps us moving forward as a society.

We often don’t realize that we may have a story worth sharing or unaware of the power it can hold.  Our experiences  are lessons, life can be challenging while at the same time, be full of joyful moments that remind us to be thankful and grateful for what we have. These stories have the power to impact  someone else.  


 Whether your story is one of overcoming and persevering through a hardship or if it a story of  personal success, we want to hear about it.  Your story has the power to help somone else and in turn, help to create change. 

You never know who may need to hear it.


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