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The Latina Leadership Institute

Facing challenges of managing careers, family and personal goals, Latinas often struggle with how to develop their own leadership styles to effectively embrace their power and status in the workplace. To reach the highest levels of leadership, it is essential for Latinas to recognize, understand, and transform common business challenges and organizational strategic priorities into career development opportunities.

The Latina Leadership Institute is a program designed to enhance professional effectiveness and provide a pathway to future leadership opportunities. The program is designed for those seeking a deeper understanding of diversity, equity, and cultural competence in truly looking to instill professional efficacy. LV’s Leadership Institute is designed by a diverse group of scholars to effectively engage learners on how the dominate culture can privilege or oppress individual and groups of people. Learners must be prepared to take action to expose and address inequity in the educational and/or corporate systems; collaborate purposefully with individuals and groups from other cultures; and work to create and support policies and practices that give rise to equitable environments. Current programs include:

  • Young Latinas Leadership Initiative- The Young Latinas Leadership (YLLI) program is designed for high school students to strengthen self-awareness, develop cross-cultural leadership skills, and to put skills learned into action in a multicultural and global community.


  • Critical Skills for Emerging Leaders- Critical Skills for Emerging Leaders is recommended for all new supervisors, those wishing to move into a supervisory role or those interested in improving their leadership skills. Companies across every industry are facing complex organizational challenges that require the rapid development of new and agile leaders. More than ever before, emerging leaders must quickly learn and deploy core management skills, develop a broad strategic perspective, take their leadership skills to the next level, and expand their professional and personal networks.


  • Building Leadership Excellence- Over the course of six sessions spread across two months, managers learn, develop, and practice skills needed to succeed in their current and future leadership roles. The sessions include self-assessments, readings, videos, and opportunities for peer-to-peer support that are supplemented with activities that allow participants to apply skills learned. Additionally, participants receive feedback from a series of individuals with whom they work.


  • Latinas as Leaders-Despite being the fastest growing talent pool in the U.S., Latinas are underrepresented nationally in leadership and managerial positions and face slow upward mobility. This program highlights the significance of bi-cultural experience to successful leadership and business results achieved through learning experiences, small group discussions, case studies, communication style assessments and more.

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Classes to begin Summer  2022
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