Teresa Salazar
Copy Writer/Editor


Teresa is a creative problem-solving professional with over 9 years of combined experience in training, customer service, instructional design & e-learning. She has a blend of strengths that includes mastering fast-paced environments that promotes empowerment and education in social justice, race, gender, and socioeconomic equality by providing support through distribution of email newsletters, copywriting, and instructional design practices.

Teresa strongly believes in developing meaningful relationships and community with colleagues, learners, and community stakeholders to foster empathetic and empowering atmospheres. She has always had a passion for writing and has created a blog to inform others on the importance of mindfulness. Teresa has also developed writing curriculum for personal development and several college level writing courses in promoting writing education.

As a copywriter and editor for the Latina Voice, Inc. Teresa works in creating content for the LV newsletter. Teresa hopes to make an impact by sharing stories and amplifying Latina Voices within all communities.