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Let's tell Our stories through

Featuring Visions By Mari

Landscape photography for Healing of the
Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul
The SIGHT of you quenches my thirst even before I crack you Open.
Island Vibes.
Aim High
When I look up I see no End,
I see instead; all the doors, all the options, all the possibilities IF only...
I keep BELIEVING in myself.
mari 2.JPG
Don't Blink
Take the time to slow down or else you may miss what's right in front of you. Treat yourself to Joy daily.
There is nothing we can't transform with love, care, & appreciation. All things serve a purpose.

Hello, my name is Mari Corona, one word to describe me is Creative. I'm a photographer and writer who Empowers, Motivates, & Inspires through images & words. I am a Wellness advocate and Healing through Arts Facilitator using images for our Soul Healing.

Visit: Visions by Mari

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