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Educational Supports

Latina Voice provides educational supports to ensure success in academia ranging from college readiness, graduate mentorship to Dissertation Coaching. Through customized expert and comprehensive Coaching Supports, Latina Voice works on supporting at risk, underserved and underrepresented students to complete their education at every level of study.

Academic Coaching

The LV academic coaching program works on students learning strategies to help them succeed throughout their learning environments. Unlike tutoring in where the focus is on schoolwork, LV Academic Coaches works within a student-centered approach, focused on helping the student recognize and acknowledge the reasons, issues, and concerns on why they may be struggling in school.


College Readiness

College readiness incorporates concepts important for students; including college application procedures, knowledge to research college characteristics (including college cost, admission requirements, majors of study and extracurricular offerings), academic preparation for postsecondary readiness, and financial aid comprehension. LV provides classes on helping entering college students incorporate positive non-cognitive skills such as self-efficacy, motivation, determination, and social behaviors to successful transition to college.


Graduate Mentorship

In graduate school, students are working to contribute knowledge to a particular field of study to then function as a member of a profession. Although students may be passionate about a particular subject, the goal for pursuing an advanced degree may still be evolving. LV graduate mentors work in assisting students with that evolution.


Dissertation Services

Dissertation coaching is a service designed to help doctoral students successfully structure their dissertation or thesis by creating realistic work plans, increase accountability and effectively help the student overcome internal and external barriers. Students, specifically students from marginalized communities, experience barriers on their path to earning a doctoral or master’s degree. LV  have developed a sound coaching model specifically designed to help graduate students succeed and develop skills they can use in completing their dissertation but also, in their future careers.

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