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LGBTQI Services

Colorful Friends

LV offers a healthy environment for transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) community members, as well as their partners and families, to connect with others going through similar experiences. Services provided range from LGBTQI driven support, advocacy, economic stability initiatives to referral services to resources.

  • Employment- More than one in four transgender people have lost a job due to bias and workplace discrimination. Translatinas often experience additional discrimination such as privacy violations, harassment, and even physical and sexual violence on the job and are experienced at even higher rates by transgender people of color. Extreme levels of unemployment and poverty lead one in eight to become involved in underground economies—such as sex and drug work—in order to survive. LV supports the Trans community in obtaining employment though an array of services.


  • Homelessness- Homelessness is also a critical issue for transgender people; one in five transgender individuals have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. Family rejection, discrimination and violence have contributed to a large number of transgender and other LGBQ-identified youth who are homeless in the United States – more than 1.6 million homeless youth. Unfortunately, social service and homeless shelters that work with this population often fail to serve transgender homeless people, including denying them shelter based on their gender identity; inappropriately housing them in a gendered space they do not identify with; and failing to address co-occurring issues facing transgender homeless adults and youth. LV works federal and state agencies to ensure transgender people do not face discrimination in housing and in homeless services.


  • Identity Documents- Trans people need accurate and consistent IDs to live optimal lives with ordinary tasks such as opening bank accounts, start new employment, travel, or enroll in school. However, the name and gender change process is complicated and expensive. LV works to navigate through barriers to ensure all trans people have access to accurate IDs.


  • Transgender Veterans- Transgender Veterans still face barriers from obtaining updated service records that do not out them as transgender, and from receiving VA coverage of necessary medical procedures. LV supports Transgender Veterans navigate through barriers to gain access to needed services such as healthcare, social services, employment and more.


  • Support Groups- At LV, we understand that young members of the LGBTQ community, may need support when facing a wide range of potentially overwhelming circumstances and emotions.  LV support groups discuss anything from gender identity and expression to emotional challenges, to support in Spanish for the Translatina community and the family and friends of someone who is transgender. LV offers various support groups to fit the different needs of the LGBTQ community.


  • LGBTQI Community Services- Through LV’s referral services, members of the LGBTQI community at any state can obtain services in affirming environment where anyone can find support for coming out, connect with friends and family, and find the confidence to simply be who they are.

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