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Empowering  Latina and first generation diverse professionals to overcome systemic workplace barriers through culturally relevant leadership programs.

Latina Voice's leadership and empowerment are a unique accountability program for Latinx entrepreneurs, professionals, creators, and side hustlers who desire to make an impact in their careers and communities. The programs provides in-depth, customized supports to help you achieve your goals with a specialized focus on cultural intersections. Our leadership and empowerment Coaches understand and embrace the key values of working for acknowledgment, acceptance in promoting inclusive and equitable spaces.


Some of the reasons to sign upr for leadership and empowerment services include: how to advance to the next level in your career, how to successfully overcome impostor syndrome, re-entering the workforce or to learn strategic leadership skills. Our Coaches explores the link between your cultural heritage and the key activities that can shape your career: personal branding, communication skills, executive presence, networking and work-life balance. Each of our leadership and empowerement coaches has the work experience, knowledge, education, leadership training and life experiences to coach you on how to navigate your goals while at the same time, learning the skills to making meaningful changes for impact, freedom, independence and clarity. 


The Programs:




























The programs are specifically designed on mastering the multiple roles and unique challenges BIWOC professionals face by engaging in self-reflection and engaging in culturally relevant content and dialogue. We connect you with a coach that is dedicated to set you up for success, give you more self-confidence, unlock your potential, and equip you with tools, supports and resources to clarify your goals and put a strategic plan together to achieve them. 


Latina Voice Leadership Institute 
Our  Leadership Institute supports an organization’s DEI goals to attract, retain and promote diverse talent through our comprehensive leadership tools and resources, which includes sponsorship matching, personalized career planning, leadership development, individual coaching and an invitation into Latina Voice ’s private Leadership networking circle, community engagement and continuous learning.
Career Coaching 
Our career coaching is customized and provided through a culturally relevant lens by experienced professional coaches who are driven by and trained in Latina Voice's mission and vision to ensure that each Latina's diverse talent is empowered with the resources, tools and strategies to ¡Rise to the Top! in their careers.
Las Jefas Circle
Our monthly 'Jefas" circle engages discussions with featured fascinating and accomplished executives Latinas providing career strategies, keys to leadership development and answers to the work life challenges for today’s Latinas and first generation diverse professionals.
Exclusive Membership Networking Groups
Membership at Latina Voice. is open to professionals interested in joining us in our mission to educate and prepare Latinas in the areas of civic engagement, education, empowerment, and leadership development. When you join LV, you join a sisterhood of Latinas paying it forward to ensure more Latinas enter the leadership pipeline while supporting each other’s professional growth and leadership development. LV offers various types of membership to fit various interest and needs. For membership proces, see here. 

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