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Professional Coaching

Latina Voice's Professional Coaching programs provides in-depth, customized and supports to help clients achieve their career goals with a specialized focus on cultural intersections. Through the coaching program, clients gain a deep understanding of making their qualifications stand out, promoting themselves and learning the dynamics of different development agencies, job functions, recruitment criteria, and career paths to obtain the position they for long have wanted or to begin a new career path. Current Professional Coaching services include:

The Professional

LV works to help transfer skills to the development sector or a new career. These sessions teaches transferable skills and what a realistic entry level could be, determining how commonly recruited transferable skills are, common strategies to secure a job and much more.

Level Up

This program is a professional development service for those looking to make a career change but now sure how. This program examines professional current situations, examine where they want to be and established goals and plan on how these professionals can get to the next level.

Re-Start Program

LV recognizes that sometimes people  leave the workforce for many reasons such as raising children, caring for elderly parents or simply, life took over. This program is specifically designed to help in getting back into the workforce.

The Executive

You want to be your best self - but your problems with focus, persistence, or managing your time and emotions can get in the way of your goals. The Executive Leadership Coaching Program provides individually tailored coaching working towards the client’s specific goals. LV helps the client identified career gaps, find solutions to challenges while empowering the client to succeed through deeper insights, self-awareness, and skill enhancement.

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