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Social Services

There are many challenges facing marginalized communities today. These challenges are complex, multi-layered, and intersectional. It is not enough to provide programs that focus on one issue. LV understands that people often need help in several areas at the same time. We understand that people may often struggle to pay rent or find safe, affordable housing, which can also impact their ability to get health care, keep a job, or raise their children. Our caring staff is committed to serving people of every race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, and identity. We listen to their stories, their experiences then we work with the client to tailor services to meet their needs.  Listening to clients and communities is what separates Latina Voice from other organizations, driving us to continually find solutions with innovation, creative programming that makes a real difference. We believe anyone can make it if they want to make it. They just need the right kind of support, tools and resources, and that is what LV offers. Some of the services LV provides;

Disability Support Referrals

LV works with community in helping people seeking support services for someone with intellectual or developmental disabilities. LV helps the person navigate services that would best fit their needs and then establish connections with service provider agencies to begin in obtaining the needed services. 

Family Services

LV strongly believes that strong families build strong communities, but many families need help to stay intact. Without proper intervention, a traumatic family crisis can damage and destroy lives. Through intervention, counseling, and treatment, LV helps strengthening families facing issues like divorce, repeated conflicts with children, mental illness, family violence, and more.

Domestic Violence

LV works with several networks in assisting survivors of domestic abuse rebuild their lives through counseling, short term housing, legal and court help.

Mental Health

LV works to clarify mental and emotional health resources to provide options to members of the community. We offer an array of services and supports through various networks that include support groups, counseling, therapy, psychiatric care, evaluations, and assessments. We offer a way for our friends and neighbors who live with a serious mental illness to learn methods for coping and skills for living independently in the community.

Elder Care

Increasing need to provide effective and efficient services that meet the needs of both seniors themselves and the caregivers in the family. LV works in assisting with the navigation of needed services through several networks in optimizing quality of life and providing peace of mind.


Families become homeless because of some unforeseen financial crisis – a medical emergency, a car accident, a death in the family – that prevents them from being able to hold on to housing. LV  Using various community networks and volunteers, in supporting families  facing homelessness. LV is dedicated to helping families build their future.

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