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Research at Latina Voice

In response to the underrepresentation of Latinas with advanced degrees, and in support of examining the barriers and opportunities for advancement in research, Latina Voice, Inc.  works to foster a supportive platform to ensure the next generation of investigators have access to a community on research development. Latina Voice offers the latest calls for research, internships, and fellowships to succeed in academia. Toward this effort, we provide professional development opportunities that:


  • Explore challenges in successful academic faculty achievement and socio-cultural influences of success among faculty of color and other under-represented scholars

  • Increase exposure of advanced research careers in the academy to the next generation of investigators

  • Showcase the work of leading Latina researchers and other active scholars and how their research influences social policy.


Through our research team, Latina Voice continues to examine and evaluate diverse interpretative frameworks of intersectionality. Our research team work to study the substance of intersectional social theories and research-based approaches from both the humanities and social sciences to understand the core dilemmas facing our communities. Through research, we continue to disseminate evidence-based information from marginalized voices to highlight systemic issues on the converging identities of BIPOC communitiues.

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