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Mentoring for Change

The Latina Voice Change Makers provides young Latinas with mentoring, resources and workshops on professional development and personal enrichment so that they can pursue their goals with confidence and clarity. Younger girls can learn from first-hand experiences of Latinas in the work force, to establish connections, obtain guidance and develop skills
 in all areas from employment preparation, finance to entrepreneurship. Latina Voice Change Makers Club mentoring program encourages bravery and lends access to thriving in different areas of young Latinas interests.


Meet Juliyanna Ramos, one of Latina Voice's mentee, who has worked hired to reach her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Juliyanna is now on her way to Marymount University to pusue a her dregree in dancing in New York for the fall of 2022.

To learn more about Latina Voice Mentoring program, email

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