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How do I Share my Story?

So you’re thinking about sharing your story? We know it can be an exciting, yet nerve racking decision. That is why we’re here to help you through it with these three easy steps.

Step 1-Tell Us Your Story

First, we set up a zoom call so we can chat and answer any questions you may have. We will review the process in telling your story and the way you want to tell it. If you want to be interviewed, we will set up a date and time for the interview. If you want to submit a video, we will then schedule a date for submission. During this time we will brainstorm and create a plan on how to best tell your story.

Step 2-Capture  Your Sory

Once we have a plan, we will schedule a date and time for your story. Your story can be told in the way you choose, either through a virtual interview, a video or written submission, or recorded audio file with related photos/art. Once your story has been captured, we will send over a draft before the final edits are made.

Step 3-Tell Your Story

Now it’s time to share your story. We will share your story through social media or at an event.  We will send you a link to your story so that you can share among family and friends.

To Tell your Story, email at

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