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Dissertation Services Price Sheet

Dissertation services includes hands-on guidance, review and support on research projects

Discover Consultation
  • 3 Initial 30 Minute Discovery Consultation
  • Discussion of your concerns and goals
  • Explain what you are looking for in your customized services
  • Determine if Coaching is right for you
Intermediate Package
  • Six- 1  hour Coaching sessions
  • Assistance with the Development of your Diisertation with a formulated Dissertation Plan
  • 4,500 words of Content Review and Feedback
  • Plagiarism Check and Report
Hourly Coaching Services
  • Overall guidance on specific topics or concerns on your dissertation
  • General advice, feedback

$75.00 per session (1 hour)
Advanced Package (Most Popular)
  • Twelve 1-hour Coaching Sessions
  • Development of a Dissertation Plan
  • 7,500 words of Content Review and Feedbac
  • Review of Committe and IRB Feedback
  • Assistance with IRB Preparation
  •  Oral Defense Preparation and Review
  • Plagiarism Check and Report
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