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Dissertation Consulting

Our Consulting Services provides 4-free. 1/2 hour session expert advice to the following:

Topic Selection: Assist and guides you in identifying an interesting topic that makes a contribution to your field, and is appropriate in scope for a dissertation/thesis-level project.

Determine Research and Theoretical Framework- Assist you in determining the most appropriate research design and theoretical framework for your study. 

Accountability- Offers support in keeping momentum with your writing by identifying the barriers that may have you stuck. These sessions include discussions on dissertation planning and time-management. 

These 4- free, 1/2 hour session Dissertation consulting  services will help you get back on track with your dissertation/thesis by keeping you motivated, productive, and consistent. Our Consultants understand the complexities of life such as being employees, students, parents, and caregivers that often disrupt the momentum of writing, and simply by just "talking it out" or coming up with a plan, may be what you need to get you back on track. 

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