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Dissertation Services

Only 7% Latinas earn a doctoral degree. Latina Voice is dedicated in supporting Latinas in reaching their doctoral journey while navigating through everyday struggles and responsibilities. 

Our Dissertation team  are trusted advisors equipped to recognize barriers, identify issues to then guide and mentor you in an open, kind, and thoughtful way to successfully work through your dissertation.

Our consultants and Coaches are highly skilled Doctoras that act in an advising and mentoring capacity guiding you to successfully complete your dissertation or thesis. Our consultant offer 3-free consulting sessions to get you started when you find yourself stuck within your journey. These sessions include discussions on dissertation planning and accountability. 


Our Coaching services provide a deeper engagement of developing skills to assist you in completing your project but also with the addition of a writing service. Our dissertation coaching services focus on developing a research topic, writing structure, theory, research design, methodology, developmental editing, statistical analysis, qualitative analysis, writing up research findings taking your dissertation to completion for submission. Our Coaching services are not a one-size fits all service but tailored to your specific need. There is no specific amount that a dissertation writing service costs. Coaching service companies often have set prices however, Latina Voice truly understand the many intersectional barriers that get in the way of completing a dissertation. Factors such as the sections and kind of paper, the length of the paper, and the field of study will determine the price of the work. See below for more info:



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