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Dissertation Coaching

Our dissertation coaches will not only teach and guide you how to structure your dissertation, they will help with the process of your writing. Writing your dissertation can be stressful specifically if you managing so many other responsibilities so our Coaches will also help you navigate feelings of anxiety, fear, negative thinking, procrastination, perfectionism, and writer's block to get you to the dissertation finish-line.


Prospectus and Proposal Writing: Help you write and develop your prospectus and/or proposal. Help you develop hypotheses that will be testable within the scope of the study or a solid overview of the dissertation/thesis and the relevant chapters that will be written with guidance on writing structure.

Literature Reviews: The literature review is one part of the research that requires much work. The Coach here will guide and help you write and proofread  your literature review to ensure you develop an approach to the literature that includes and effective problem statement, including searching, selecting, summarizing, critically evaluating, and conceptualizing it into a coherent framework. The Coach will help you present the literature in a way that tells a clear story and provides a solid background for research questions or a central argument. Work with you to establish a sound conceptual basis for the project, based on existing research findings or knowledge.

Annotated Bibliography- Guides and help you with writing an annotated bibliography.  Custom dissertation writing services are a smart option if you are short on time or just want to get it off your hands. All you have to do is give them instructions and have a result that suits your preferences.

Methodology: Assist you with developing measurable and appropriate research (or evaluation) questions and hypotheses. Helps you design a methodologically sound study, including identifying participants, developing invite letters, consents sampling methods, appropriate measures, data collection and guiding the Methods section writing.  

Instrument Development and Evaluation: Helps with all aspects of scale development, including appropriately wording items, analysis of psychometric properties of the measure, and identifying and discarding weak items.

Data Analysis: Provides you with guidance in designing studies, data coding, and analysis. Guides you to conduct compelling interviews, surveys, identify a theoretical orientation to data analysis, enhance the credibility and reliability of your research findings, interpret your findings, and provide feedback about your results and conclusions.

Text Analysis/Coding: A Coach will help you with text analyzing your findings and conduct coding or if you feel you don't have the time to do it yourself, this may be an area where you need an expert to come in and help you complete.

Discussion: Assist you to interpret your findings in light of hypotheses and existing literature, proposing alternative explanations, limitations, and future implications.

Developmental Editing: Provides an in-depth review of your writing and edits your manuscript for content, style, tone, clarity, level of detail, organization, grammar and punctuation. Ongoing assurance is provided to confirm your study concepts are adequately developed, tables and figures are used appropriately as per APA formatting.

Committee Members: Helps you integrate feedback from committee members so that you appropriately address their concerns and ideas. Your consultant will also help you proactively communicate with committee members and problem-solve any issues with them that may arise.

Oral Defense Meetings: Provides guidance on preparation of oral-defense meetings (both proposal meetings and final defense meetings).


  • Dissertation coaching is a service designed around your needs to help you successfully complete your doctoral dissertation or thesis per your schedule, needs and time.

  • It is a system of identifying barriers and structuring the dissertation or thesis process to increase productivity, momentum, and tangible progress.

  • Dissertation coaching helps you identify and change beliefs and behaviors that interfere with your motivation and productivity.

  • It is an accountability system that involves providing meaningful accountability for solving problems or issues that interfere with your progress.

  • Dissertation coaching provides you with the support you need to manage the inevitable challenges during the dissertation journey.


Because we were you therefore, we understand.

  • Develop realistic short and long-term goals.

  • Help reduce procrastination and increase motivation.

  • Make consistent progress towards meeting your goals.

  • Help you identify barriers or issues that interferes with your progress.

  • Hold you accountable to specific daily and weekly goals.

  • Help you manage the negative self-talk and self-doubt that is often associated with completing a dissertation.

  • Help you change behaviors and habits that interfere with your motivation and productivity.

  • Teach you to manage your time and research, prioritize tasks and manage your stress.

  • Coach you to overcome challenges such as writer's block, organization issues, and perfectionistic writing.

  • Help you reestablish contact with faculty or obtain readmission into a program if needed.

  • Help you establish and maintain good working relationships with your dissertation chairperson and committee.

  • Help you prepare for oral proposal and defense meetings.

  • Help you as you consider your career options and search for jobs.

How does Dissertation Coaching Work?

Dissertation coaching is delivered by telephone, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. We design an overall plan to support you through your dissertation journey or master timeline and with bi-weekly action plans to help you develop:

  1. A sense of how long it will take you to finish

  2. A clear set of dissertation tasks to complete weekly and day-to-day.

  3. Overcome internal and external challenges

  4. The setting of goals to meet dissertation benchmarks.


We provide unlimited email and/or text communication to support you, intervene when problems arise, create a sense of accountability, and keep you on task. Dissertation coaching is provided monthly as per a customized fee. There are no long-term commitments to make.


There is no specific price that a dissertation writing service costs as all needs and preferences are different. The service is customized to you as simple as a one session or project to a combined set of supports to provide in-depth writing support and development.  However, factors such as the kind of paper, the length of the paper, and the field of study will determine the price of the work yet, you will find our prices cheap and reasonable compared to other Dissertation service companies.

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