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Our Methods

Latina Voice works independently and in colloboration with other research partners to design, implement and disseminate research. We believe that Latinas and other marginalized groups have and continue to be underrepresented and misinterpreted in our communities.

Our researchers are knowledgeable in working with diverse populations, bridging differences and misconceptions to learning and understanding. Our team conduct research projects on some of the most pressing topics facing Latinas and other marginalized groups such as immigration, public health, social welfare, education inequity, as well as community development and socioeconomic concerns. 


To learn more on our reserach methods or interested in working on a project, contact Director of Research Development, Sarah Jane-Chavez at 

" Our Research comes from our storytellers. By allowing them to tell their stories, they are defining the issues. Through the power of storytelling, they help us find solutions, for themselves, but really, for all of us."- Dr. Johanna LoPorto

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