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The Latina Change Makers Club

The Latina Voice Change Makers Club is a mentoring and professional development program dedicated to providing young Latinas the experiences
that fosters confidence.  We support the inclusion of all girls from marginalized backgrounds-as we help propel them to become future leaders. By empowering young girls with the knowledge, tools and resources to build leadership skills, we are building their confidence and equipping them to realize their potential, and preempt the inequities that exist for women in the workplace today.

The Change Makers Club is a Space for Emerging Young Latinas to embrace their LATINIDAD .  A Space to embrace Multiculturalism and Multilingualism. A Space that creates Comunidad y Familia! 

To mentor, educate, provide tools and resources  so emerging young leaders initiate and engage in projects of social change within their own communities. 

Our Goals


What does the Change Makers Club do? 

Be a Change Maker  Ambassador 

The LV Change Makers are dedicated to providing support to emerging Young Latinas  by exposing appropriate role models, to encourage a successful community of Young Latinas. Our Ambassadors are a group of strong, creative, hardworking-oriented, thriving visionaries supporting each other and those they mentor by sharing stories of our struggles, strength and victories!

As an Abassador, you will b eligable for:

  • Community Service Credits- LV will validate all community services and/or Internships

  • College Recommendations- LV will write college recommendations for qualified LV Latina Change Maker Club ambassadors.

  • Enjoy Leadership Change Maker Status!!- just founded an empowerment club of your choice to make an Imapct in your commuity.


Meet Yesenia Veronica Gonzalez Ochoa, one of our most dedicated Ambassadors. Despite numerous challenges, Yesenia graduated with honors and is on her way to obtain her masters degree! She is also a proud business owner of “PROUD CHICANA”


Learn how to become an Amabsassor by contacting Rocio at

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