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A Message from our Founder/Executive Director


Hello, my name is Johanna and I am the Founder of Latina Voice. If you landed on our website, chances are you have faced some form of discrimination based on the interconnected and overlapping categorization of our identities. We are here to change that. We are here to provide a platform for your voice while at the same time offer supports and services in amplifying all voices in creating systemic and social change.  

So, read on and get to know us, share your story or join the movement-Let your voices take up space.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values


LV strengthens the power of Latinas and all marginalized women, through narratives, research, education, and services to confront intersectional barriers, build dialogue and create solutions for social change.


LV empowers Latinas and all marginalized women to tell their stories in sharing the all-too-common dismissal of women voices when confronting social inequities. Our vision is to help create a movement of social change through research, education, and community support for women from all backgrounds and identities who will then feel nurtured, empowered, and accepted to achieve their true, full potential.

Core Values

Latina Voice is grounded in four core values: unity, inclusivity, education, and empowerment.

  • Unity-We believe our stories unite us. When we come together to share “Voice”, our experiences, we make an impact that creates a sequence of strength and empowerment. Our collective unity inspires change.

  • Inclusivity- We understand the differences on women overlapping identities and we believe in inclusivity. We value everyone, with the uniqueness, differences, cultures, and experiences that demands belongness in any environment.

  • Education-We believe in educational equity. We understand that to achieve educational equity requires strong, bold, and purposeful leaders to provide the tools necessary for Latinas to achieve their true, full potential.

  • Empowerment-Our mission is clear. Empower Latinas with the support needed so they can then empower their communities and others, setting forth social change.


We are always interested in hearing your stories and always looking to partner. Let's connect.

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