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Women Colleagues
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Confronting Intersectionality  Building Dialogue  Creating Change

About Us 

Through the collection of intersectional narratives, we work to bring awareness, education and support services to women converging identities in continuing their empowerment. 


We collect narratives to build educational and community

 resources that empowers 

marginalized communities. 

Our priority is to build

social and human capacity through multicultural perceptions in understanding intersectionality.


Our community programs range from online educational supports, employment readiness and leadership development through personalized assessments and planning. Latina Voice empowers

 community members across the U.S. with the tools necessary to achieve success in both the academic and corporate world.

Our Mission

Latina Voice strengthens the power of Latinas and all marginalized women, through narratives, research, education and services to confront intersectional barriers, build dialogue and create solutions for social change.

Our Vision

Latina Voice empowers Latinas and all marginalized women  to tell their stories in sharing the all too common, dismissal of women voices when confronting social inequities. Our vision is to help create a movement of social change through research, education and community supports so, that all women from all backgrounds and identities are nurtured, empowered and accepted to achieve their true, full potential.

Our Core Values

Latina Voice is grounded in four  core values: unity, inclusivity, education, and empowerment.



Ilka Perez-Garcia

So happy to learn about this space. To connect and share our own experiences. I knew I had to be part of it

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Lisa Ortega

Latina Voice is a powerful asset for women to reach one another, share their stories to heal or just to be heard


Sarah Chavez

Our voices deserve to take up space, so that our voices may lead to healing and unity. 

This safe platform allowed me to share my voice, and for that, I am grateful. 

Share your story or become a volunteer.

Our Partners

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“ We are a society that has been structured from top to bottom by race. You don't get beyond that by deciding not to talk about it anymore.  It will always come back; it will always reassert itself over and over again.” 


     Critical Race Theorist, Kimberle Crenshaw

Connected Within

Brooklyn, NY

Norristown, PA

Virginia Beach, VA

San Juan, PR

Poway, CA

New Jersey City, NJ

Houston, TX

Altamonte Springs, FL

Email: info@latinavoice.org 


Latina Voice, Inc.

900 Luxor Ln Apt. 115

Norristown, PA 19401

Phone: (347) 939-3273

Latina Voice, Inc. is an approved 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.

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